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There are many kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

– You can get an STD the first time you have vaginal, anal or oral sex.
– Many STDs have no cure while others can be treated through medication.
– Most people infected with an STD don’t know it.
– You can get an STD from someone who does not know he/she is infected.
– You can’t tell who has an STD by looking at them.
– Many STDs can be transmitted to a baby during pregnancy or birth.
– If you are pregnant and considering an abortion get tested first.

You owe it to yourself to be safe. Don’t ignore the important step of being tested. We can refer you for no or low cost std testing. We are here to help. The caring staff at Abortion Worcester provides confidential consultations and are sensitive to your needs and concerns. Although we do not provide STD testing in our facility, we can refer you to a medical clinic to be tested.

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Answers To Common Questions

Making an appointment is a great way to ensure that you can be seen at a time convenient for you. We do accept walk-ins, provided that a counselor is available.
We recommend you make an appointment if you think you are pregnant, have missed your period, or have pregnancy related questions.
You will meet with a trained counselor to go over your information and a pregnancy test will be performed. With a positive pregnancy test, we can then set up an appointment for an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and its viability.
All our services are provided free of charge.
We absolutely understand the comfort of bringing a loved one with you to your appointment. You’re welcome to bring your boyfriend, family member or friend with you.
We adhere to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. Clients will be protected from disclosure of information that violates their right to privacy except where required by law.


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